Current Issues

In order to get myself organized, get myself “on-track,” get myself healthy- I believe it is integral to incorporate daily physical activity into my life. I have been donating to a big “gym” chain for years, and thought I might actually step inside- see what it’s all about.

Lucky for me, the same “gym” chain is in my new hometown. I plan on complaining about it, even though I also choose to go, so I’ll leave the name out.

The gym is a great way to make sure that I keep physically active: classes, pool, more than sufficient amount of equipment, other unknowing people to compete against when doing cardio and weights, sauna, steam room… WOWZA…

But with a big chain, and lots of people, comes a few issues:

  1. Change Room Etiquette: WHO told you that I wanted to see all of your unmaintained itty-bits all over the change room? I understand: we need to get out of our sweat rags and into something fresh before we leave the building, thus, presenting a moment of complete nudity. However, is it absolutely necessary for you to start hiking up body parts onto benches, walk to the mirror, go double check the shower stall to scan for any personal items that may have been left behind… only to ensure that I didn’t miss a groove or hair? P.S. when you’re completely nude, this would be the time to exercise that concept of “personal space.” If you’re grazing any part of me, as I try to get my things together, you’re too damned close!
  2. Sauna/Steam Etiquette: Again with the nudity! This has happened to me more than once. I’ve had a GREAT workout, got out a good sweat. I come to the change room, shower off, get into a bikini or wrap up in a towel, and hit the steam for some additional sweat and cleansing. I sit on the bench. My only choice is to stare straight ahead. Then YOU walk in…  Miss. “I’m 40+ and therefore think it’s okay to be naked and flaunt it everywhere”. You sit on the bench directly in front of me, hike your feet up onto the bench directly facing me because “ooooooo hehe, the steam burns my toesies”… And, there it is. Your grey… well… ya. READ THE SIGN! THERE’S A SIGN! TOWEL MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES! MODESTY POLICY! COMMMMMMME ON!
  3. Sweaty Equipment: I sweat like there is no tomorrow when I work out and that’s the way it should be. Unlike the rest of the members at the gym, I clean the evidence of my hardcore workout from the equipment or mats. I don’t know how many times I received “looks” or “rolling eyes” as I wipe down the whole section of the mat I’m about to do my abdominal workout on… Or, when I wipe the cardio equipment BEFORE my workout has begun. I’m not a germ FREAK… but I’d prefer not to play in your juices, thanks.

Guilty of any of the above? Click here.


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  1. Theresa
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 02:31:12

    This is a really cool Blog!


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