My Abusive Relationship… with ‘Food’

***Please note: this video clip contains coarse language***

Jenna Marbles; more Marbles at:

Uhhhhh YES! Now we’re getting somewhere. In my last post I began to ponder the reason why I decide to torture myself in this traditional “yo-yo” weight game?

  • No– I am not trying to look like any particular celebrity.
  • No– I do not spend majority of my life on camera and therefore have to worry about the camera adding 5 or 10lbs.
  • No– I have not been influenced by all of the airbrushed nonsense on the front pages of magazines.


  • YES– I have been participating in an ongoing love affair with… Food.

Jenna Marbles (featured in the video clip above), an online phenomenon (as far as I am concerned), has very accurately portrayed myself on a diet. Every time I think about dieting or start a diet, whether it be day 1 or 7, I find myself craving everything. No literally… EVERYTHING. When I am dieting or on some sort of a health kick, I begin to crave foods that I wouldn’t even normally go to.

Ending the relationship: This sounds a fairly simple concept: If I want to lose weight and stop this yo-yo’ing for good, then stop going to the junk. Ummmm, not quite that easy. Although I have been participating in this love affair with food for years, it is not a healthy relationship. Food is abusive, controlling, and a stalker… really. It doesn’t matter where I go or who I am with- there it is, staring back at me, all like “you can’t hide from me.”


  • I go inside the gas station to pay and there’s Zesty Cheese Doritos: “heeeeey you, I know you want me- come and get it.”
  • I go to the mall and barely step two feet in the door and Cinnabon is just screaming at me: “I’m hot and fresh, baby, and… I’m cheap!”
  • I open the fridge to grab a yogurt and there’s Thick Sliced Bacon: “Let’s get fried”
  • EVEN CRACKERS: “Got dip?”

The Answer: The answer? My goodness. If I had the answer then I wouldn’t have the problem- and therefore, not this blog, either. I’m not one of those girls with a metabolism-through-the-roof-and-can-eat-anything-I-want-and-not-gain-a-single-pound (or so they claim). I AM one of those girls that decides “Hey, I’ve been working hard. I’m going to treat myself to a bowl of chips today”- then 5lbs later I’m logging onto my blog and crying about my last date with the scale.

We will see- time will tell… I’ll figure it out I’m sure. I’ve been seeking counselling with a great professional by the name of “Gym.” We’ve been working hard together. I leave every appointment sweaty and sore, but I heard Gym knows what it’s doing.


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