“Predator” – (My post in honour of Shark Week)

It exists as it always has, in a sense of calm that every day routine brings, not aware of the premeditated attack soon to be upon it.

It is now being watched.
It is now being hunted.
It is now… prey.

The predator is known for its size, its ferocious bite, and its endless appetite. There are a number of competing theories about its feeding behaviour. Many have failed to thoroughly grasp and understand the behaviour and social structure of a beast that has both ruled and threatened a natural hierarchy in the food chain.

The predator is most feared for it’s carnivorous appetite, but has often been found to devour objects that it is unable to digest.

The prey is not granted the natural fear that consumes before it must succumb to its end, as the predator is an ambush hunter- hunting when visibility is poor.

Attacks have been well documented, raising both the fear, status and, ultimately, developing a business empire of all avenues profiting from its relentless size, appetite… and mystery.

The predator relies heavily on its senses for a successful hunt. Be weary of:

  • the colours you display
  • the way you smell
  • the extent of your movement


  • the amount of attention you draw to yourself…

for it will attack… When you least expect it!

Sweet Potato Fries often swim in packs- a mentality derived from a safety in numbers approach to survival.

This unsuspecting group of Sweet Potato Fries have no idea that they are being watched… they are being hunted… they are now… prey.

Their predators keen sense of smell has alerted it of the packs presence.



Exclusive footage of the predator… mid-attack!

It is not reported what happened to the others in the pack. All that is known, is they vanished… without a trace…

Vanished… Without a trace…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theresa
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 03:23:20

    OMG… you should have your own t.v. show! That was funny!! or you should make commercials…I was drawn in as I read it!! and I actually read it!!!! and I kept reading it..you caught my interest!!!! and that’s hard to too LOL Love the concept!!!


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