When the Feeling’s Right, I’m Gonna Run All Night. I’m Gonna Run to You!

Yes. I am in love with Bryan Adams. Especially pre-old-man-boobs Bryan Adams; however, old-man-boobs Bryan Adams is still amazing if you close your eyes. His voice is like… like… unicorns on birthday cake dancing wildly with rainbow sparklers!

Wait, no. Focus.


Refocused: The point of posting the song was solely for reference to a specific few lines of the song: “When the feelin’s right, I’m gonna run all night… I’m gonna run to you!”

I’ve spent the last year sitting in my butt groove on the couch, brewing Keurig after Keurig beverages, watching marathons of reality t.v, wondering why the hell I haven’t burned fat and shrunk my ever expanding ass!?

I maybe, sort of, somewhat was writing my own rules about weight-loss that didn’t end up working out so well for me:


My personally-crafted rules to weight-loss.

On April 1st, 2013, I experienced a spine-chilling nightmare. Worse, actually, it was my reality. I stepped onto the scale (that bitch), that I had avoided for months as I la-di-da’d through my personally-crafted rules to weight-loss. I almost fell to the ground as the scale flashed my weight followed by a universe-shattering “Muhahaha” evil laugh (it happened, I swear).

26 years old and 165lbs. FML.

What did I do? Where did I go wrong? I only ate Doritos on gym days!! I swear!!

If my bitch of a scale had legs, it metaphorically kicked me in the ass that day. It was time, time for some good, old-fashioned, hard-up WORK. Some commitment. Some changes. Some lifestyle changes. At this point, I would like to direct your attention back to my Bryan Adams’ reference… I bought a new pair of running shoes and dammit I started running to you! Who is the “you” in the lyrics that I am running to? Health. I’m running to health, baby! (I know… Shut up).

Becoming a “runner” is a feat in my life, as I have been a dedicated anti-runner for the past 26.5 years of my life. I went out, bought some prime running gear, and hit the treadmill a couple of times a week (no seriously, I “hit” the treadmill for sucking so much!)… but eventually I started to run on it, too! After about a month, running became my affair and I broke up with Doritos (we may still rendezvous in party situations). I found a running partner, and have been running 15 to 20km a week ever since!

I ran away from the edge of obesity. Today is July 26th, 2013, and I am happy to report that I have run exactly 16.2lbs away from my April 1st weight! I definitely do not have all of the answers, but I’m starting to craft a revised version of my own “rules to weight-loss”… and I think I’m going to run with this one for a while đŸ˜‰