Life is on Our Side

It’s everywhere… we hear it all of the time: “Get off of the couch!” – “Do something!” – “Get Active” – “Live life”… Whether it’s inspiring quotes we come across on our Facebook newsfeed, motivating phrases we have re-pinned on Pinterest, banners that stretch over stores or billboards, songs we listen to or commercials on television: the message is to go…live!

Yes! Great messages!… of course! The problem, however, is that a lot of this discourse is closely associated with imagery or advice about running marathons, hiking Mount Everest, or Michael Phelps breaking world records on the splash pad. These are all extreme physical situations that I don’t believe will highly motivate all of us beginners. I see these messages and think, ummmm, well maybe after I watch the season finale of Bachelor Pad tonight. The thing is… I don’t really think that this is what all of those motivating quotes and phrases are really getting at. We’ve missed a step here. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to truly be living life, and you don’t have to swim the black sea to be active and healthy.

Life is on our side! As long as we’re up and out there living, happiness and health aren’t far behind.

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy an end of season camping trip with a few new friends. I came back feeling happy, refreshed and full of life. Rejuvenated. Subtract the beverages and a few late night snacks around the card table, I almost had that lively feeling that consumes you when you have finished an intense, sweaty, workout at the gym and you’re now walking towards your car. Success!

There was definitely no arc trainer available at the camp, nor did I partake in any afternoon jogs or morning yoga sessions. But that’s just the point I am trying to make… there doesn’t HAVE to be.

There are many things we do on a daily basis, habitual things, routines we are in, etc., that are contributing to our desire for a healthy and happy life. The key is to keep on keeping on. Keep moving. Go do it… Whatever it may be. Let me further explain…

This camping trip I:

1) Put on my sailors cap and embraced the open waters for some serious bass fishing!

Calories Burned:

2) Played an intense game of horseshoes and showed the boys how it’s done!

Calories Burned:

3) Played endless midnight games of Rummy500 and poker (how can you call it camping otherwise?)

Calories Burned:

4) Got into my sexy string thong bikini full piece swimsuit and splashed around in the perfectly warm lake water (like, not pee warm, but warm like a hot bath that you waited too long to get into).

Calories Burned:

5) Nothing perfects a camping trip more than preparing a feast and gathering around with friends for great conversation and a night full of laughs!

Calories Burned:

Now, of course all of these figures I proposed are approximate and depend on a number of factors (age, weight, intensity of activity, etc.), but reporting exact numbers is not my point. My point is that it may seem overly-optimistic when we read and see all of these motivating “live life” posters and quotes and think YES!… I want to! But I just don’t waaaaaaant to run. Life is on our side! We don’t have to get up off of the couch and run, we just need to get up off of the couch. Keep yourself moving, go spend quality time with family and friends, give yourself the push to be on-the-go instead of stagnant in front of the television or in front of the computer screen (unless, of course, you’re taking some time out of your day to read my blog!).

I don’t want to get the wrong message across, so I must clarify: Exercise and a healthy diet are integral to that goal of leading a healthy lifestyle; however, if you just start by setting yourself the goal to “do stuff,” turn off the t.v., and just live life then the energy, motivation and determination will follow.

As I sit here contemplating today’s post, I raise my morning coffee to you, my friends (raising it up in the air is probably burning some sort of calories), and offer you a cheers to life and doing stuff 🙂